Building character strengths in youth can buffer against the development of both psychological and behavioural difficulties
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Strengths Gym Year 8

This is the second level Strengths Gym course. Strengths Builders and Strengths Challenge activities focus on encouraging students to recognise the use of strengths in real situations, use each of the strengths themselves, and find out more about each of the strengths included in the course.

One of the key aims of Strengths Gym is for students to become more aware of strengths – in themselves, in other people, and in the world around them. This can lead to increased self-esteem, academic achievement, and ‘prosocial’ behaviour (e.g., better teamwork, improved social skills).

If you are interested in purchasing copies of the Strengths Gym courses, please contact us. If you can provide details on the number of students and your location, we will provide you with a custom quote for the materials and shipping.

Individual books are sold for the following amounts:

  • Teacher's manual - £20.00 (US Version is out of stock)
  • Student booklets - £2.50 each
  • Education packs (one teacher's manual and one of each of the student booklets) - £22.00
  • CD enclosed version - £39.95 UK Version
  • CD enclosed version - £29.95 CA/US Version

We have button badges and key fobs that may also be ordered as part of the Strengths Gym package. Please ask us for more information if you're interested in using either of these aids to enhance the effectiveness of the system.

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Strengths Gym is a product of the Positive Psychology Research Centre